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Eindhoven & North Brabant Travel Guide

Homeland of Vincent Van Gogh, the founders of Dutch Design, and blessed with cities full of character, prize-winning theme parks and exciting events, Brabant has a lot to offer and is increasingly being discovered by international tourists. This makes perfect sense, because there is plenty of good accommodation in Brabant with favourable terms. Moreover, Brabant has quick and excellent connections to Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussels (journey time about 60 minutes).

Strijp S - Eindhoven

Strijp S, a former Philips factory area called “The Forbidden City” is now a vibrant open creative design & technology hub full of design-, retail-, hospitality-, food- and leisure venues. Great locations to visit are Skateparks Area51, Urban Shopper, Food Market ‘t Veem, Yksi Design Expo, De Ontdekfrabriek (“The Discover Factory” for kids), 040BMX Park, MU Artspace, NatLab, Popei Music, Enversed VR Center and many more.


Eindhoven Museum

At this historical open-air museum you can experience what life was like through the ages, from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages by baking bread, forging iron and minting coins. It is located in Genneper Parken, south of the city.

Vincentre - Van Gogh Museum Nuenen

The village of Nuenen is also known as Van Gogh Village, and rightly so. There isn’t a place in the Netherlands where you can tread in the footsteps of this famous painter quite so literally. Here, stories about Van Gogh are still vividly told, his letters are available for reading, and there are no fewer than fourteen locations which have been immortalised by Van Gogh in a picture or a painting. Experiencing Van Gogh’s life in the Netherlands so intensely is not possible anywhere else.

Sail the river Binnendieze - 's-Hertogenbosch

One of the biggest tourist attractions of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The river Binnendieze is a century-old system consisting of all waterways within the city walls. Visitors can sail through ‘s-Hertogenbosch in a distinctive open-topped boat. They can enjoy various monuments, characteristic ancient and modern buildings, the waterways, and the magnificent fortifications. The Binnendieze is protected city area since 1972.

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

The Frits Philips House of Music is the city’s premier concert venue, hosting performances ranging from classical to pop, with both local and international performers. Be sure to check out what is on while you are town.

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